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Originally Posted by GrassGuerilla View Post
People are funny, sometimes pride drives them to do irrational things. May have lost income, had hours cut, incurred unexpected expenses etc. And simply been unable to pay. Sometimes it's easier to try to turn it on you rather than admit they can't pay. Dunno, just saying.

You seem to have a handle on things. Hope you get paid for your work.
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Money drives people mad. If it was truely about the amount of money, i always can work out payment plans over a couple of months with my customers, that is not a problem. Its horrible when people demand to be paid when you get work done on a vehicle or a personal household repair,but when you send out bills customers take there la di da time to pay you and dont care that you have to pay your bills.

Next year i think im going to do fixed rates each month for everything for all of my customers, instead of having more cash flow in some months than others. If i break it up over 12 months, instead of 8, they will have a lower payment and be paying for services year round. All payments would be one month prior to service and they would know what the money is going towards. I would have income all 12 months and not have to budget as much. Cashflow would be tigher during the working months, but it would be much simpler.

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