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Originally Posted by recycledsole View Post
Thanks alot everyone for the response

MDLawn- that amazing. How do you get customers who want the $2000 + jobs?
That is fantastic!
i have been charging around $60-$70/yard isntalled.
thanks alot everyone
Average for me has been in the $700-$1200 range. $2000 is rare and quite a large one. As in 12 yards of mulch, huge bushes to trim and tons of edging. What i meant by that $2000 statement was if someone wants to see a $700 job itemized theyre just cheap and really not in my plan. Big jobs with installs can be itemized if neesed. I won't take a small job for less that $350. Not worth the time and effort, been there done that. Small jobs seem to eat more time that larger ones. BUT I can cherry pick jobs with my situation. If I get "hungry" then maybe different story. But hasn't been that way yet.
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