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Originally Posted by getdown View Post
MJ Services, thank you for your response. I am on board with your kind of thinking. I am not "big" yet, and I'm thirsty for jobs. I actually really enjoy this kind of work (although, heck is it taxing on the body). At the estimate tomorrow I am going to check the clients time frame. If it is more of a casual "get it done in the next couple weeks and I'm happy" type of gig, that will make it much more appealing. Frankly, I would enjoy being out their busting my butt in the cooler weather we have this time of year and I will make some more christmas money.

Krazy Kajun, I completely understand and appreciate your input from a management point of view. Respectfully, I think that your point of view is coming from one that has an already developed and busy/thriving business (my fault for not clarifying)...if I were in the situation Krazy Kajun Enterprises were or another thriving business, I really that the time/cost justification would not be there unless I could delegate it to someone with the proper equipment. However, since time in on my side (lots of it), I'm probably happy just to get the gig. That being said, doing it with a brush cutter would be a pain and I want to make it look good. I've got my DR, but I might rent a tractor to assure quality.
I know the feeling of being small and thirsty for jobs. I'm currently there as well. I'm learning, though, that you don't have to be a huge outfit to make $. Kajun sure has some nice stuff, but I bet he's got the headaches to come with it. No offense Krazy, I love your posts btw. But for me, I'd never wanna be that big, I'm content being a solo outfit. And I can relate to the frustrations of wanting to take on a big job like this but knowing in the back of your head you don't have or even have access to, the proper equipment to get in and get out and have it look great. So you do what you gotta do, break your back and make it work and get paid doing the job with whatever means you have available. One thing I learned this past year being in business is that if you're gonna be successful, you gotta start some where and take crap jobs and do them the hard way. But you also have to be willing to jump in to the deep end when it comes to certain things. It's risky and downright scarey, but that's business so they say whatever you decide, hope you get the job, good luck.
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