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I paid a local SCAG dealer a visit today and brought a used mower. I'm planning to use this while evaluating options on the burned mower. It is a SCAG Turf Tiger (my burned up one was a Tiger Cub). It cost me $3000 out the door (pic is attached). Would appreciate opinions on how good or bad a price this was. That this was available from a dealer for $3000 pretty much tells me there is no point in filing an insurance claim since I have a $2500 deductible. I have an 8 acre plot to mow this weekend for a friend. Before that though I want to get a fire extinguisher to carry on it (I am bit paranoid but I think it is for good reason). Forum member nnusskern said: "Im a firefighter and would recommend a ABC fire extinguisher because that will work better and will do better job on grass and electricial components". I am having trouble finding an "ABC" but there are lots of "BC". I am considering a Kidde Pro210 extinguisher:

Pro 2A10BC multipurpose rechargeable fire extinguisher
Pressure gauge allows for immediate pressure-status check
UL-rated 2-A, 10-B:C
Optional metal strap bracket part # 466400
Durable aluminum cylinder
Heavy-duty chrome-plated brass-valve assembly
UL-approved wall hanger
D.O.T. and Coast Guard (U.S.C.G.) approved when fitted with optional-mounting bracket
Powder-coated cylinder for corrosion protection

Does anybody have any suggestions for mounting an extinguisher on the mower? Unfortunately it does not have a roll bar.

Thank You
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