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I have been in lawn care for four years, and I went door to door today. passed out 100 door hangers and got 2 MAYBES from the people that answered the door. that is good in my book.

and you know what im going to be doing tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and this weekend, even though I get really nervous and Im naturally shy? going door to door and selling, selling, selling until im redfaced from exhaustion.

Even though Im shy and all, I just tell myself, "your confident, Zack, you can do this. if you want to succeed, you gotta do this. you know you do great work, just be confident and let it flow".

This is a great thread. I searched for it and thought i would give it a bump. Door to door sales is the original, time tested, bread and butter of marketing in general. Its extremely conveinent for lawn service companys because you can give them an estimate or quote on the spot if they ask.
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