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Originally Posted by headz77 View Post
I have to start the campaign by Dec 31. I could use it to promote a service- like our year round landscape maintenance program. Or, I could use the $ to promote ourselves and gain more followers. I primarily use Twitter as a way to promote our blog- so maybe more followers would make sense.

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You can accomplish both, utilizing it as another layer in your marketing funnel. Something along the lines of driving people to a maintenance program article, while marketing your services from within the post. If you target by geography and keyword search or those with similar interests, you can help narrow it down.

Twitter is not yet localized enough for my tastes (and I'm an active user) and I question whether it ever will be, but there's nothing lost in giving it a try. I'll be interested in your idea spitballing as you get ready for it. I'll earmark an account credit or two for localized service businesses and see how it goes and pass along my experience as well.
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