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Redmax is dead. Long live the King.

And the King is....Husqvarna. I have owned Redmax trimmers, hedgers, and blowers for quite a long while.
I think the Husqvarna is a better value. I just bought a Redmax trimmer. I like it. I don't remember the model. If I knew then what I know now, I'd bought a Husqvarna.
I needed to replace 2 Redmax blowers that were lost/stolen. I went to my old dealer, who dropped Redmax, because he already carried Husqvarna, to see what he had.

I can honestly say, that beyond a doubt, the Husqvarna unit, while technically the same as the Redmax one, is an upgrade.

The most powerful blower on the planet. I bought 2. I got them with pistol triggers instead of the lever.

The 8001 Redmax and the 7150 Redmax that I still have seem like toys compared to these bad boys.

Think Husqvarna instead of Redmax from now on....
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