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Well, I did forget...

If the tire is REALLY flat you may have to re-seat the bead.
That might be possible with a can of fix-a-flat, they tend to provide enough pressure to do it, but I'm not always in the mood to dump sticky slime in my tires either... If the tire has come off the rim and then there's a dang busted valve stem, too...

That would be the other reason I ran home, I have a 12v compressor in the truck but it just doesn't quite compare to a 110v 3hp 21 gallon tank one.

Yeah, I probably could have fixed it out in the field.
I'm sure some folks would have.
Not saying I'm perfect.

But there are also those times when one wastes an hour or two trying various methods, yet try after try and nothing works...

That is why I feel that somedays it's just easier to do it the way I KNOW it will work, even if it takes longer, I knew ahead of time about how much time I would be into, ahead of time the process, the cost was clear to me from the gitgo and that says something about running back to base camp as well.

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