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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
I show up for an estimate today right on time and I see another contractor is speaking with the client. I have 2 clients to see, one at 11 the other just after. Back patio front walkway etc.. I decide to drive on and I'll check it out a bit later, I go do a few chores and drive by, around 1/2 hour later, still there, one hour later, guy is still there!! Forget it, I'm gone, don't need the hassle.

Get back to the office and I have a call waiting, its the guy who was supposed to meet me at 11. Says "where were you, we had an apointment and you didn't show" !!! . Seems like he thought nothing of it too have two estimaters there at the same time. Unbelievable. What's wrong with people these days? Anyhow I'm meeting him tomorrow and I'll fill him in on proper protocol while I'm there. Worst of this is that he had one of my competitors do some work there this year and its great. I'm hoping 2013 is not going to start like this!

Just had to get it off my shoulders!
I totally feel your pain. I hate stupid people and have no place for idiots in my business or my life.

My patience has gotten shorter with prospective clients. It's like people have no respect for other people's time.

If it was me - I doubt I would return. Your time was already wasted. Once one's blood boils - everything ended right there.

This past spring I had a guy ask me how long it would take to get the quote when he scheduled the appointment on the phone. Then when I met with him he asked again how long for the quote and wanted it the next day. I said "sir, it's already 6:30 pm, the day is over, you'll have the quote by Friday". 15 hours later he's calling me to see if I have the quote ready. Welp, that took care of that, I wasn't giving him a quote, he can take his prospective job and shove it up his tail.

I had a guy call me a few weeks ago for a patio estimate. Referred to me by a supplier. We're an hr north of DC. The guy says to me "I work in DC and don't get home until 8". Ok, well it normally takes an hr for me to meet with people and go over everything, so I would get out of there at 9. Thats PM. And another 35 - 40 minutes to get home. It could very well have been the job of the century. This guy could be someone who knows everyone on his block and could be a good referral for us to his neighbors. Oh well, life goes on, I have better things to do than chase after work at 8:30 at night.
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