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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I'm going to assume you mean 12 equal payments over the year?
Most people will go for a contract if you sell it right. Here in the south you are pretty much doing something every month of the year. I could see customers having issues with signing a contract for 12 months of the year when they are only getting service half of those months.
I include mowing, bed maintenance, hedges, and irrigation checkups in my contract. This also includes cleaning up leaves/pine needles if applicable. I do not include mulch or annuals; however in the contract they do sign up how how many times a year they want services like that done. That way if the price of materials goes up I am not eating the price increase. I just bill it as needed. Also there's no need to contact the customer to see if/when they want it done, its right there in the contract.
I am indebted to the people that helped me figure out how to do a contract. Most of these ideas are not original to me. Thanks to all who have helped me with this.
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