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Originally Posted by Snapper12 View Post
I don't know that the guy that came out knew what he was talking about. EAB has not been seen in St. Louis yet. It's possible that it's some other borer but not EAB. We use a Mauget injection to control borers.
That can't be true. They've been in central Illinois for at least 3 years and should have made their way down there by now.

Imidicloprid is the effective treatment. Depending on the size of the tree, The Bayer product with Merit will work, but I personally feel you could spend too much for the over-the-counter product for larger trees. At that point I'd call an arborist to do a root injection.

Another thing to think of also is the amount of money that might be spent to save these trees. By the time you figure the cost to treat them over their lifetime, you could have already cut it down and had a new tree started.

And what if your treatment fails, you're still stuck with having to cut and replace the tree.

I tell people to let them go until they die. There is probably a concerted effort of people out there holding onto Ash seeds and seedlings in confined treated areas, so if the bore does it's number and disappears, the Ash will flourish again.

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