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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
Sure, networking is great, but there are guys taking about monthly billing for mowing in areas where you may skip cuts, as I understand it. Jim Lewis does all the work himself(meaning no subbing) so his guys are always doing the work. If you are subbing people out, I would think the customer would ask why they are paying you for work that someone else is doing, which doesn't always need to be done. I agree with you that networking works well, but I also think it is hard to sell someone on something that will be a continual bill for stuff that you may not be doing or may not need to be done. Again, if the customer knows that if mowing won't be done, but weeds will be sprayed, cool, no problem. But what kind of L&O work would be required in a severe drought? I really think that as it is said on lawnsite all the time, that every area is different. Heck, Florida is its own thing. What other state has rain for 6 months out of the year? Idk, just throwing some stuff out there.
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For sure Florida is it's own thing and I am sure that California areas have their own issues as well as texas , but what I guess I am not understanding is if they sell snow plowing accounts without knowing if it will snow, and they do snow plowing and lawn maintenance and leaf clean ups. Why not ensure the customer is yours buy taking their yearly cost - for leaf clean up, lawn service, snow plowing? The customer could rest assured knowing that all services are taken care for the year and that the payment is broken down into easy budget friendly payments.
Again we have talked about watching our spending and budget in this thread but if you ask me, most customers like dealing with known facts such all these services will only cost X amount per month and that fits there budget. I don't know I could be wrong but as stated I think there is a reason when you look at cars they do not show the price first, they show how much the payment is estimated to be per month, the same thing with big box retailers and large items - they usually show the price per month if financed. There is a reason for that - most Americans like knowing exactly what it will cost and how much room they have in their monthly budget.
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