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Originally Posted by Cat 320D LRR View Post
Just landed a good amount of bush hogging work next year through a real estate development company and am still looking to add more but im thinking of getting a deere 4720 cab loader and a bush hog. Anyone who owns one how do you like anything i should know about it. Im buying new whats the biggest cutter you have ran on the back?
Have you checked out pricing. A cabbed 4730 is running at upwards of 50k for a new unit.

My uncle has a 4720 and he runs a 15' batwing brush hog off the bag and it doesnt bog down at all.

kinda like this(he spend 4k on it though, not 16k)

He thinks a 4730 is overkill for bush hogging. A 3720 would be a great alternative to save you 10k. 50hp is a ton of hp to run brush hogging attachments.

I guess if you have the money and want a machine that can lift more and have a little bit more cab room, then go with the 4720, but if you want a machine that will get the job done with pleanty of power left over, and save you 10-15k over a new 4720 get a 3720.

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