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This isn't the best solution but it keeps me into some kind of work year round, even during busy season I never work really stupid hard anymore but then when things would be dead I have a little work to keep me occupied, kind of spreads it all out.

The situation...
Someone's always trying to save a buck, and I need work in the slow periods...
Those people always trying to save money have projects they want done.
But everyone always wants things done during the busiest time, like spring.
Like, I'm already working like crazy and they want more done...

Time to make a list...
Those who want to pay extra to have it done now...
And those who don't mind waiting until I am slow, get a big discount.
Then you get some in between, regular price wait a little bit but not too long.

For example:
We will call it Project A, price $100 if done in next 2-4 weeks.
Price $110 and it gets done in the next 1-2 weeks.
Price $120 and it's done this week.
Price $140 and it's done in the next 2-3 days.
Price $60-$75 and it can wait until I have time to do it but it will get done.
That was just an example now...

Keep in mind it does take practice to get it right.

Yes sir, yes sir.

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