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Originally Posted by smallstripesnc View Post
Well I finally got a truck loader and boarded up the back of my truck. Its a billy goat I believe 12HP but man does it make my life easier! Now getting the leaves to the curb in the front yards is always easy but its definitely not easy getting leaves from the back to the curb especially if the lawns have a gate.

Any tips? We have been blowing into piles in the back yards with gates and tarping to the curb and sucking them up. But there has to be an easier way.

Any advice?
Unfortunately that's probably the quickest way. You can of course blow them through the gate and across the front yard. You could try to use your mower to plow them...even without any sort of plow on it. Just be careful not to start a fire. You can pull the tarps with your mower too.
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