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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
It will be interesting to see if the exchages actually reduce cost? I live in one of those red states.
We have had the mandate (and an exchange) in Massachusetts for 6 years, per Governor Romney's plan. It has not decreased insurance costs, but it hasn't increased them either. The net result so far is 98% of Mass residents now have health insurance. The other 2% choose to pay a fine (maybe $250?). Mass has always been a high cost state for insurance anyhow. Business seem to be doing fine. The unemployment rate is better than average here. So the jury is out on impact to business.

The exchange does make it easy to shop for insurance. You fill out an online form, and you get back lots of insurance plan offers from all the insurance companies. They are all displayed side by side to make it easy to compare the deal. There is some security in knowing that all the plans on the exchange have met minimum guidelines set by the scam policies.

It is online to try if anyone wants to test the real thing, see how it actually works:

I'd be curious to know if our prices are higher than what all you guys around the country are paying.

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