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controlling marigolds

LOL! So I am preparing to do some weed control experiments...again. But I am running out of new ideas. I have planted some Marigold seeds in plastic cups indoors. I will use them for pretend "weeds", in a couple weeks. I also have tomato seed and bean seed. I think I can dig up chickweed from outside and plant it inside in containers. Also violets and a few other weeds, potentially.

I have Quicksilver, T-Zone, Speedzone, Surge, and Drive, some wetting agent and perhaps a bit of Confront.

I treated new grass(Scotts perennial rye) in a container, indoors with Quicksilver. I treated at 16 days old. New grass was about 3 inches tall. Indoor temp was about 69. At two days after treatment, about 10 percent of new grass sprouts were injured. These sprouts bent over sideways. They had a 90 degree curve.
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