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it is possible i will lower my price a little 5-10 maybe even 15 dollars for a mow or something, especially if i know i may have bid it a little high, which does happen from time to time. but once we agree on a price, for any work, fall clean up or weekly mowing, the price never goes down. stays the same or goes up 5 dollars every few years if i feel it was priced to low, but that doesn't happen, especially because i am not in situation where i need to get work otherwise my house or my truck or a piece off equipment will get taken because i missed a payment, one perk of living at home and having everything paid for. another thing if a customer is going to have me do other things like shrub pruning, mulch and spring clean ups, lime 2x a year, aerating, over seeding, and a fall clean up, i'll drop my price 5-10 dollars, because to lose that much work over 5-10 dollars isn't worth it.
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