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17 hp pto

Well, looks like I worked out a deal on that little Kioti I was asking about in another thread. It's the LB1914, comes with a 60" rear finish mower, 3 pt scoop and a 72" rear blade, has a ROPS with a roof as well. I think it'll suit my needs, since I really don't even need a tractor. But I'm hoping to use it for Brush mowing, drilling holes for fence posts, maybe use it to plow a driveway here or there and I might eventually build a log splitter for it. The splitter can be either powered from a rear pto pump or I can add rear hydro lines to this unit from what I understand. might be best to add the lines in case i wanna use them for something else as well.

my questions are what type of implements can I expect to use with this little tractor. the pto is rated at 17hp so I'm thinking a 48" bush hog will be OK, if I gotta use a 5 fter, I can just offset the mower a little bit and use 4 ft out of the 5 instead and slow down if needed. Also, will the 17hp pto run a 3 pt dirt auger? I'd think that'd be plenty seeing as how those two man deather augers are like 5 hp. what about the hydraulics on the tractor itself? will that run a splitter if I install the rear lines. the specs says it's got a 6gpm open hydro system. will that cycle a 4" or 6" ram in a timley fashion? I'd liek to put a big 6" bore ram on whatever I make to increase splitting power, even if it's slower. I'm just thinking out loud here but this will be the first compact tractor I've owned. I'll probably sell the rear scoop and finish mower as I can't see a use for these, for me anyway. maybe I'll get a FEL as well down the road.

any info's much appreciated. thanks
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