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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I guess the thing for me is getting people to part with their money sooner vs weeks after service. Even if it was the 15th of the service month. And if you needed to credit them at the end for any skipped weeks. If you're a solo op (I am but would like not to be) operating money may not be as important as the guy who needs to pay employees and other bills a solo op doesn't not have. Solo guy can budget to have "drought money". A large business can't go without payments as you then cannot pay or retain employees. This is the problem with some of these discussions. A solo and and employee business are two completely different business entities and I feel the solo guys provide 95% of the opinions on this board vs the true businesses.
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personally I'm not concerned with getting the client to part with there money sooner rather than later. as long as they pay on time is fine for me.

as for any credits. that never happens with my business as I invoice for only work performed. this is done to avoid ever having to credit an account. this is one reason I will never switch to a payment plan option.
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