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I've looked at the midsized trucks also hoping to save some gas and I've come to the same conclusion. I don't understand the midsized truck market. If you get one with a V6, it's going to get the same gas mileage as a half-ton (14-MAYBE 18) without as much capability. If you get a V4, you might get up to 20-22, but it doesn't seem like it would be able to handle anything beyond a few tools in the bed. I'm sticking with a half-ton for now. You may look at fixing yours. Not that old and the repairs don't classify it as "giving up the ghost" in my opinion. Not trying to tell you what to do, but don't trip over dollars to pick up dimes.

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the Nissan is actually worse on gas than the F-150 my ex had one, have also heard this from several others who bought one thinking they would save on gas as well. If your going to be pulling stick with the 05 has 100,000 on it and is going strong. Toyota, well it starts with TOY so I won't even go there, LOL its not even a truck.
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