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Dropping a floor

Every now and then I get a unique job with equally unique challenges, it makes my days better and more entertaining than my usual mix.
This job popped up, the owners of this warehouse want an open building, and presently it has a 30,000 sq/ft office and ware house floor, suspended slab on structural steel trusses with a crap load of supporting concrete tilt up and poured in place walls and concrete beams under neath.
First phase was to remove all the steel studs after the crew stripped the drywall, I think I counted 14 office spaces, I removed 1 40 yard bin of studs and another bin of drywall.

Ceiling is getting dropped, I wasn't allowed to hook it as the wires could pull the fasteners out of the steel cladding above, and start leaks.

Carpet is getting stripped, nothing but 12"x12" tiles.

Open storage area for the lighter parts of the previous owner:

My stud pile:

Rental S185 (hate it hate it hate it) and grapple bucket.

This is the view down to the main floor, anything sticking above it will be knocked down, this floor I am working on is 18 feet higher, with walls 28 feet high.

I worked faster than anticipated, so I got the next day off. Second phase will begin in a few days.
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