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i did a good amount of door to door sales back in november when we had that storm that took out a ton of trees, and i made over 10,000 that month 100% from knocking on doors, now it did take a lot of people slamming doors in my face and saying no before i got a yes, but it was still worth it. that is how i bought my landscape trailer, and my wood chipper and that has made 6x the 10,000, which included loading literally multiple ton's of brush and logs into my dad's 15 yard dump truck for 4 weeks straight, usually by myself because i didn't wanna pay someone to drive around with me hoping i might get work. anyways it payed off big in my opinion, i'm if i did more knocking on doors i would probably have done much better this year. the biggest thing to remember is don't get discouraged, and don't lose your pride no matter how many no's you get, alot of people didn't go with me, because they didn't think i do the work or they wanted a more professional company doing the work, but they still were happy I did knock on their door and inquire about the downed trees in their yard. I always Thanked anyone I talked to and said have a nice day to them as well, no matter how rude they might have been. Door to door sales aren't easy but can really be worth it if your a good sales man and i am not much of one, good thing my work speaks for itself.
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