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Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
Cops around here make 100k after 5 years and all own businesses on the side. That being said, enlist, have uncle sam pay for your school, and figure it out after
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What he said!! I was a cop. It's a very satisfying job. It also works out where you can probably own a business on the side if you like. Many of my friends do. My schedule had me working only 14 days per month.

Originally Posted by gene gls View Post
And 20 years goes by rather fast as you age. Many times I have wished that I had stayed in the Army for the pension at 40+years old. My mistake at the time was, I didn't look far enough down the road to see all the benifits after army life. Good Luck in your disisson.
I was also in the Navy for 4 years. At the time another 16 years seemed like forever. Now I see my buddys that stayed in retired, don't have to work....Oh well, live and learn. But the military experience helped me get the cop job! Looks good on a resume!
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