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Originally Posted by rjtlawncare View Post

Ahhh..... I can hear ya without shouting !

That cylinder was not running due to the non-opening exhaust valve, The rings/cylinder and piston was still being lubricated with oil. If the cylinder had been running (exhaust valve functioning) this oil would have been burned off in the cycle and exhausted.

If you want to spend money on a new head assembly or someone's used junk go ahead, I said before...... Install a new valve much cheaper and be done with it;

Spray carb & choke cleaner in the guide while working the new valve in and out a few times, Doing this will clean any carbon build-up out of the guide. Oil the new valve stem then put it all back together. Clean the carbon off the top of the piston with a wire brush then Slap it all back together.

I've NEVER had to ream a used guide, Only new ones after installing. Sounds like your making this issue out to be more than it really is......
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