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Originally Posted by dogtired View Post
I have three zrators today bought my first one about two years ago. It will fit most all of the stand ons that I know of. I have mine on 48" Grandstand and another on a scagg turf tiger, The third on a toro zmaster. I am averaging 38,000 square feet of billable core aeration in about 35 minutes. I also just x my properties to get around the gap between the tines. I can not see having a 8000.00 machine you only use 60 to 90 days a year. I have found the ZRATOR to be quicker than any other method I have used in the past. I demoed a classen stand -on was found it was slow & not good at all on hills. Did a good job pulling plugs. But I need to do small slopes as well as flat areas. You have the power plant all ready use it for more than just cutting grass. This is my opinion and it has worked very well for my business. You have too decide what is best for yours.Good Luck!
what do you mean x your properties? go at an angle one way and then angles the opposite way? I cant see you getting away with only 1 pass on the lawn but iam prolly wrong. also ive heard people mention the zrator doesn't pull a good plug due to not being enough weight do you see this issue? your defiantly right, why not utilize the machines you already have and less maintenance. thanks for your first hand response.
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