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Originally Posted by rjtlawncare View Post
Thanks Restrorob for the reply,

I will take a closer pic of that piston. The top is covered with carbon but the cylinder walls have no scratches or pits. It looks good inside.

Quick Question: When i had it running(running on one cylinder) and shut it off after about 3 min of run time. I would find that the side that was bending the push rods, THAT SPARK PLUG WOULD BE FULL OF OIL(Dripping). WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?????
'Cause,A. the piston is either got a hole in it,B.the head gasket is blown
( though the pic shows no indication) Is the head in the pic, the one with the oily plug? It don't look like it! Or C. the bore is worn, or D. the rings are worn or broke.
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