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Originally Posted by olmod View Post
Wall has two layers of grid. One at 3' and one at 5' on everything that is over three foot tall. How ever tall the wall is is how far the grid goes back. Say the wall is 5.5 ft the grid went back 5.5 ft. The base is 14" of compacted material which it was only speced for 12". I am not asking for any advise or anything I just figured I would show a finished look since I had posted before pics. There is also a drain tile running the entire length of the wall as well as 2' of washed stone directly behind the wall to help with drainage. The grading isn't competed because we have had rain and plus there are areas that are going to settle behind the wall from digging up water lines and such. The finish grading will be done as soon as it dries up enough to complete. I do not really know why I even bothered posting as all you guys can do is bash people's work. I built the wall to spec and if anything a little better than spec. You guys can pick it apart all you want and the pics are a little deceiving as to size and distances as well but I know I built a top notch wall and I know I built it to last a lifetime. I have not one concern of anything going wrong with this wall.
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Look brother I'm only responding to what you have written. So you got us before pics. And after. But no during? I don't believe you used grid.

You didn't "Build the wall to spec" as you claim. Whos "spec"? the man on the moon? Because I have NEVER seen grid speced to be used at THREE FEET HIGH!! For a wall with that surcharge there is normally grid utilized at the base course. And then at two feet. So in other words when the wall is 2' high it should have 2 layers if grid in the ground. And another at 4'. And probably another at 5'4. Four layers total.

And Rusk-a-Roni wasn't talking about the thickness of the aggregate base. He was referring to the width. The footings for such walls are typically 2' wide with the block placed in the center.

This is a Hardscape forum. We all build walls day in and day out. We see them in our sleep. You posted pics because this is your first wall you did on your own and you're proud of it
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