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I suppose I'm confused. You were performing a fall leaf clean up and you are upset that the client expected your price to include taking care of even the leaves that you can't blow out from under the bushes? Did your price include dealing with all the leaves? Did you spell out that your price was only to blow out what you could from beneath the bushes? When I estimate a clean up I look at that sort of situation and figure out what it's going to take to achieve certain things. Leaves under bushes is one of those things. Typically I can blow all the leaves out from under bushes if I am the one who has been maintaining them. If not, then usually a couple minutes with a rake in my hand does the trick. But I suppose I haven't answered the question you posed yet. No, I do not get on my hands and knees and crawl under bushes to get the remaining leaves out. A blower and a rake works just fine for me. I wouldn't want someone half-assing a clean up if it was my property.
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