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Surprised to hear so many making so little money. I am a new company with 2012 being the first full-time year in business, but I am not new to landscaping and property care. Last year, operating part-time, I blew leaves, tarped, and trailered the leaves away. I put plywood sides on my 18 foot trailer and regularly filled it to the brim. It was tough work, unloading was aweful, and the whole process inefficient and minimally profitable. This year I invested in an 18 hp leaf loader, as well as a walk behind blower. Both of which are invaluable. I can't imagine running without them ever again. My set-up is simple but efficient and effective. My '08 Toyota Tundra has a painted plywood box on the back with a loose piece of plywood and a chain in the back for unloading. My leaf loader has a 25 foot full size tube for increased range, and is mounted on wheels for the rare times I cannot get my trailer into a convenient spot. I can wheel it out and park it right next to the truck, or in some cases I will put the leaf loader near a fence or other barrier and just suck/blow the leaves to the final resting spot. With the walk behind leaf blower I can easily blow a sizable pile of leaves anywhere I want, be it 20 feet or across an entire yard. Once I suck them up into the truck, as long as I have a fixed point (like a big oak tree), I attach the chain to it and drive forward. The plywood catches 90% of the debris and pulls it right out of the truck. A dump truck would be ideal but my Toyota is a heck of a lot less expensive. This set-up works well, and generally leaves me the bulk of my 18' trailer for equipment, rather then having a second truck and trailer at the site. As for pricing, if I am not getting at least $80 to $100 per hr for 2 guys then I am not happy. We're hauling butt though and my guys are incentivized based on productivity.
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