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I had a guy the other day who had been referred to me earlier that day and happened to be in the same spot where I eat lunch sit down with me while I was eating lunch. He preceded to tell me about a house he was going to buy on the beach and the work that he would like to have don, he even went so far as to draw up a diagram. He wanted me to go buy and give him a quote. With little to no intentions of doing so I said I would try to stop buy and give him some ideas if I got a chance. At the end of the conversation, after he ruined my lunch (which i usually a high point during the day) I asked him when he was closing on the house. He then informed me that he was going to put a bid in later on that week. At that point I decided that I definitely was not waisting my time even looking at the house. Yesterday He called to inform me that he did not get the house because it was sold at full asking price and even though he was sure he would get the house his low-ball bid did not add up. He apologized for any time that I had spent and said he would call me if they purchased a house. I do commend the fact that he even called me back about not getting the house, but all and all he had no regard for my time. In the past I would have jumped at a lead like that now he lost me as soon as he disturbed me during my lunch.
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