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Originally Posted by PaperCutter View Post
So, I take it providing a free design is standard in your market?
Yes and no, depends on what has to be done, if its just for hardscape then mostly and unfortuneatly no charge, if softscape is involved then yes, there is a consultation and design fee.
I work best with a too scale 2d design draft from which I can make my material list thereby giving an accurate cost of the project. I'll show up with the plan but no longer leave it with them, unless they are very good and reliable customers of mine from past. All new quotes come with a design,then a meeting, sort of a "show and tell", and it leaves with me.
In the past I have left the design with people, I've spent countless hours preparing plans for people with no interest but to save a dime. Not happening anymore, I'd rather be having a cold one with my feet up at the cottage.
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