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I haven't fully decided yet. Part of me wants just a TTHP 52 or 48 so I have the floating deck for mowing & my dethatch rake mounted on it for spring & then buy a Walker GHS before fall or in spring if things go really good. Or a Lazer Z and have the Exmark bagger system & everything all in one.

Ideally I'd like to have Vantages for mowing and dethatching (in spring) with the Walkers tailing behind to bag the grass from dethatching in spring & leaves in the fall while the Vantages are stored because I'm not really a fan of trac vac's, more hassle than they're worth IMO with my experiences with them.

Bought a plow tonight!!!!!!!!

2001 Boss 8' Straight Blade
Plow, mounts, & wiring (the guy sold it for his friend who moved to texas and it was on a 2001 Chevy HD, so the mounts will wire right in). He didn't have the controller for it but he was going to contact the owner and have him ship it up, he's an older guy, genuine and will [hopefully] carry through with his word.
My Grandpa is gonna help me install it tmrw after class and we have snow in the forecast for snow this weekend, no one is really sure what day but we should have something significant. Hopefully this will be a big year, as all my accounts are per push &/or t&m contracts, more snow = more money! I'll never do a monthly price for snow unless a great opportunity presents itself, ie. a cap for amt of accumulation and then hourly or w/e.
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