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Application/saftey equipment to keep in the truck?

I've been making a list of things to keep in the truck. Feel free to add to it.

Chemical coveralls
Chemical gloves
Chemical boots
"Caution Pesticides" signs for sprayer tanks and truck lock box
Padlock for truck lock box
Measuring beakers
Spill kit
Eye wash
Broom with dust pan
Majic marker for marking jugs, spill clean up containers, etc
5 gallon bucket with lid
Emergency contact numbers
Dust masks
Measuring wheel
MSDS sheets for any and all chemicals onboard the vehicle
Pesticide labels for any and all chemicals onboard the vehicle
Business license
CA wallet card
Insurance policy documentation
Weed identification literature
Application record forms/blank templetes
Pesticide Law Book
Digital camera for taking pictures of unknown weeds/pests
Sprayer hose repair kit (splice barbs and clamps)
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