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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
IDK, having FL guys telling northern guys to bill warm season services over 12 months in equal installments is a bit absurd. The way I bill works just fine for me. We don't have a year round warm season here FL dudes. What you do works for you thats fine, but total different deal up here. I'd tell you to try it sometime but wearing shorts in below 0 temps might be tuff on ya
I didn't read anything like that, I read that the FLA guys recognized they were in a unique situation and the northern guys couldn't bill the same way, I'm fairly deep south and we're still going strong, mostly landscape projects but still working everyday and still billing year round, IDK how you guys up north survive. It's in the 70's down here hope yall don't freeze to death up there, what's left of you that is, we're seeing tons of new accounts from the yanks moving south, thanks guys for the work, keep on sending them our way.
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