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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
i want something easy to remeber and fairly short.

new company name is Kajun Flood Workz, llc
so far i have come up with: (i prefer to have Kajun in it since its my branding)

ideas are appreciated. Thanks fellas
Congrats and good luck on the new endeavor, Kajun. When I was reading your other thread re: this, my first thought was wondering how you'd handle your web/email.

"Easy to remember" becomes a bit more difficult when you go with the non-traditional spelling convention. K instead of C, Z instead of S become things you have to explain each time you tell someone to visit your web site or look you up. I would probably go the easiest, least explanation-laden route and go with

A simple ", spelled with a K." seems like a more efficient explanation than "Sure, you can find more info on our site. Just visit That's with a K for Cajun, and finish it with a Z instead of an S. Got it?"

Domain names are cheap enough, you might as well just register the easily misspelled variations and point them to whatever you ultimately choose.

You'll want to get creative with your web site so that you capture the potentially misspelling visitors via incorporating them into your site. Maybe add them to your "about us page", something along the lines of "Glad you found us. Sometimes people type "Cajun Flood Works", but you found the right place. You can also use image alt tags or other less prominent ways to capture those searchers without further confusing your brand by overtly using the various spellings throughout your site.
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