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Originally Posted by DEPENDABLE LANDSCAPING View Post
Once you hit yur max percentage for your state it doesnt cost you anymore. It is not your decision as stated above. If you dont have work they have the right to collect. Beside wouldnt you want to keep them happy so they want to continue to work with you?
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this is basically what my accountant explained to me...i guess i just don't understand it well enough yet, have we already paid enough into an unemployment account, are we going to have to pay more next year, etc...i will set up a meeting with my accountant tomorrow, just hoping to see what i could get figured out on here first

and once again, it's not the point of "letting" them file, it's encouraging them to get a temporary job as an alternative...our employees would listen if we told them to get a temporary job, but if it's fair and or worth it to just let them file then so be it
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