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Originally Posted by TriCountyLawn View Post
I was where you are at. Luckily getting into the Marines didnt fully work out . IMO as I matured and once I was able to see that whole thing for what it was I am really happy that I didn't go that route. Best of luck to you.
"Didn't fully work out"? I am sure there is a story here, which ended in failure. Once you "matured"? Really? How about you once you realized you didn't have the intestinal fortitude to wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. Somehow I bet the Marine Corps is the one that is lucky (and anyone who would have been unfortunate enough to had to have served with your broke dik asss).

I respect anyone's decision to not join the military. I dont respect someone who's personal failure is justified by disparging a military organization with a history as storied as the United States Marine Corps. "Seeing that whole thing for what it was"? What it "was", is what it is. An elite fighting organization that tolerates neither weakness or failure.
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