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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
I had similar thoughts with getting a job for this winter, I have a couple grand banked from a patio + stairs & retaining wall I did as well as some very profitable days with aerating & clean ups and most bills have been prepaid and I'm going to school full time through this coming spring so it's not like I'll be sitting on my a$$ all day and night but there's no way in hell I could work anywhere else. I plan to be relaxing after class and developing sales plans to greatly expand my business (plus plowing the few snow accts that I have).
I've had days where I've netted $100.00+/hr all day and parts of those days it was $270/hr (solo). I don't want to work for anyone else making $20/hr less taxes (if you can even get that, most part time jobs or w/e are barely $10/hr) doing something I don't necessarily like.
I plan to continually grow my business with full service maint clients to the point where I can take a few days off during early & late July for a couple trips (4th of July, Millville MX Pro Nat'ls) and won't have to worry about finances as the payments are the same as any other month through the landscape season.
nice, since i don't have anything going on unless it snows in from december to feb.28th i would take a winter job for 18hr if they would let me call out when it snowed, so i could keep my 30 or so plowing accounts i have, but i don't need a job for the winter it would make the time go by faster and i could pay off the little debt i have with that money but it, that's a pretty rare scenario.
Originally Posted by soloscaperman View Post

The Top manager just under the owner of the very well known Wine Warehouse wants me to join them full time and leave the Temp agency. They want me to try the Fork lifts as well. They say I am a hard worker and there are 2 workers that he is going to drop and put me with the company. I worked 74 Hours my first week and 68 Hours the next!

He said he understands that I have a business and said 80% of the time you work 4 days a week from 10PM-8AM and during Holidays there are weeks that you work 70+ hours. The benefits are good as well. I told him the reason I like running my own business is that I don't have to worry about being laid off and he looks at me with a smile and said I have been here 18 years and we grow more and more every year!

I think I am going to take the full time job and sell off my low end accounts that are in the Valley and keep my high end customers that live close to each other. I am going to use the money that I make and use it to pay for my new worker and to save the rest for more equipment.
sounds like you like what you are doing, good luck with everything and stay focused.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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