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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
nice, since i don't have anything going on unless it snows in from december to feb.28th i would take a winter job for 18hr if they would let me call out when it snowed, so i could keep my 30 or so plowing accounts i have, but i don't need a job for the winter it would make the time go by faster and i could pay off the little debt i have with that money but it, that's a pretty rare scenario.

sounds like you like what you are doing, good luck with everything and stay focused.

A job making that much with plowing flexibility would be hard to find. I never have issues with passing the time. Taking time to relax after class instead of working til dark like I did all this year. Play xbox, catch up on tv shows, otherwise for business, handle all my accounting work that needs to be done, develop sales plans, ops plans, get my advertising in order for the spring, renewal letters written up, the list goes on. I don't have much down time even during winter.
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