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Thanks. Most of my properties are smaller (except one of my commercials) big as the one pictured above. The 48" seems to be a good all around fit. And on heavily irrigated lawns, ztrs seem to make ruts, even when the turf isnt wet. And that trailer the plow is on is my Grandpa's skid trailer. My mower trailer unfortunately is only 6x10 but ill be buying a new one next year. I'd love to throw some ramps on it or a mesh gate and use It but he uses it. Plus an enclosed would be easier for storing all my maint stuff.

That's what we've had for weather, pretty warm with some cold days here and there. Now it'll be cold for the winter. No one really knows what this system will do for snow accumulations nor can anyone accurately forecast for when it'll happen. Should be interesting.

We had one event on thanksgiving night, some snow, not enough to push thankfully because I was in WY. But one comm. prop had to be salted and I sent the bill for that a couple days ago and just got it returned to my box @ the ups store, I messed up typing in the address for the client on quickbooks. First time I've done that.
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