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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
A job making that much with plowing flexibility would be hard to find. I never have issues with passing the time. Taking time to relax after class instead of working til dark like I did all this year. Play xbox, catch up on tv shows, otherwise for business, handle all my accounting work that needs to be done, develop sales plans, ops plans, get my advertising in order for the spring, renewal letters written up, the list goes on. I don't have much down time even during winter.
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yah i don't have renewal letters, my customers all stay with me, I'm the one to drop them usually and i only did that once because I decided to go to school and didn't think i would have time to do them. i don't play video games, and i don't really watch much tv. I have about 8500 flyers made up sitting in boxes ready to go out in the March. all my advertising is ready to go into print with 3 calls to the 3 local papers i'm in, or i could prepay and leave them in all winter. generally In the winter months or even fall when my friends and I have no work, we meet up in the morning for breakfast, hang out all day, go grab lunch somewhere, maybe go bowling or something, then later go out for dinner, and repeat until spring time, or it snows, and last year we went down to miami in february for 3 weeks with my buddys newly purchased cigarette boat that does 91mph gps verified so if we don't get a lot of snow that will likely be our plan again only part that sucks is it burns 400 dollars of gas per hour, but there was 4 of us on it last winter, but your never going wide open for an hour straight, usually wide open for 10-15 mins, then idling for no wake zones for another 5-10 mins then your at your destination nothing is far away.
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