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once i went full time and started growing, after college, i converted our customers over to weekly by explaining to them that
1) i want to keep their yards nice and neat
2) if it rains on the day i was going to come then it would be tough to get back into shape
3) it's a scheduling nightmare to do it on any other time frame
4) any longer than a week makes it tough on the guys and equipment
5) an extended time frame other than once a week i'd have to charge more so let's just keep it nice and neat all the time

do you see how that is just one big circle?

for new customers i tell them that we come once a week on a certain day and in a nice way tell them that that is the way it is. we have not gotten some yards bc of this, but for the reasons above, that's ok. someone else will cater to those folks. not us.

I also explain to them that in the late fall winter and early spring we come as needed and i may be calling alot during this time to check with them. you never know who has company coming over for the holidays. people appreciate that. you get to know your clients after awhile and you can pass by and take a look and may or may not do the yard. i tell them that i'm a pretty good judge on if it needs it or not and am not out to take advantage. not had any complaints doing it this way.

you just need to decide what works best for you.
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