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I've also got a 72" rake and love it for what i do, I don't do acres of prep work but for small yard's and repairs it works great, it does just what your wanting to do with it, rips hard ground good and leaves a nice finish, alot of times I can rough something in with a smooth bucket and then rake it nice and smooth. It does take some experience figuring out the right angle and other tricks. I've had mine for years, ran on several skids currently use it on TL130, you shouldn't have a power problem all your really doing is backdragging.

Best part of eliminater is cost I think new $1500-1800, I gave $200 in good shape and I see them from time to time for 500-800, you do have to watch to see how bad the front teeth are bent up. Eliminater ($1,500) vs Harley rake ($8,000) plus you can throw the rake in your bucket and go. Harley rake would be nice if you have large areas and seed every day.
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