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We have 2 mitsu 4*4, one isuzu , and one mitsu 2wheel.
4*4 are fine but in my opinion they are nott the truck to be in and out of all day, they are too tall and are a pain to climb in and out of.
The isuzu and mitsu that are 2 wheel drive both have 12 ft. Bodies, one is a rack and the other is aa trash body and we absolutely love them.
One hauls a sixteen foot enclosed daily and the other an eighteen foot enclosed daily.
The isuzu has the four cylinder and the mitsu has the six cylinder both do fine.
We like the cabovers because they are nimble, they dont squat, and they are fairly efficient on fuel.
Downsides tto cabovers.........
They go through tires more quickly, they go through trailer tires more quickly, you will want to extend trailer tongues to avoid jacknifing, if you live in a salt area you will want to spend a day each fall scuffing and painting frame and body as they have lots of nooks and crannys. But to us thats just maintenance.
Good luck with your decision.
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