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Originally Posted by CutterCutter View Post
I don't think I could do this kind of work if it was year round. In my area it's lawn services from the middle of March to the middle of November. I'm in bad need of a break by the end of the season. There are people who do snow removal here but the snowfall is so uncertain in my area I've never wanted to be bothered with it.

As for billing it's per service. The jobs are either weekly or bi-weekly and unless it's raining big time I show up on the appointed day. Additional services are billed whenever they are performed. I do have some weekly customers that get billed every other week just for convenience.

I know another LCO who bills all customers at the end of the month for whatever services were performed during that month. How can you wait that long for your money?
simple. there is enough money in reserve for one thing. as said in previous posts. I have enough money in the bank both in personal and business accounts that I could afford to take a whole year off from work.

I can't see collecting payment each week when services are complete. not all clients are home when I'm there. in fact most of my clients aren't home when I come.

just because I'm solo doesn't mean I don't try to be as professional as I can. do you think the guys who have crews of employees collect there payments after the crews finished each week?

I guess for all the surprise you have that guys can wait a month to collect money I have that same surprise that guys can't wait more than a week. everyone should have money saved up. you should never be in a situation personal or business that you need the money right away or it will break you. this statement is of course a general statement not taking into consideration an economic situation. more for when things are on the up and up.
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