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Originally Posted by CLS_Birmingham View Post
For those using SAP, is it worth the investment for smaller companies running 1 maintenance and one landscape crew?? I'm really looking into getting the software since were running our whole business out of excel and quickbooks. I just want to know my money is going towards something that will help my company grow over the next year.
I am even smaller than you. 1 maintenance crew with 4 employees. I'm not 100% happy, but way happier than I was with QXpress. I almost canceled SAP several times over the lack of mobile use. But the owner personally called me several times and their customer service is A+.

There is a learning curve, just like with all software. But they over a lot of videos that you can watch to help figure out the system. Much better than a worded walk through.

I really miss some things from QXpress. But still more satisfied with SAP than QXpress. My two biggest complaints, lack of offline mode for mobile and cannot customize anything. You have to use their templates. I want to customize my scheduling layout but nope, gotta stick with they have.
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