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Originally Posted by greenstar lawn View Post
When was this seed put down? What blend did you use?

I did aeration and dormant seeding here in s/e mich for the first time. Usually do it first week of October. My fert guy recommended that I do this since he says he has great results. I did it around Nov 12. He says he always freezes his grass seed
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I've been putting seed down in various locations since the beginning of November whenever I come across bare spots... the seed here looks like a recent application, just before/after the rains came in...
The blend is a typical Shady Mix from Jay-Mar and is made up of a couple types of Fescue, KBG and Per. Ryegrass...

I remember one lady's lawn that she said was put in by her parents and neighbors which was brand new,,, tilled, ammended and leveled bare soil... it was seeded on Nov. 10th a lot of years ago... one of the best lawns that I have ever had the pleasure of caring for... in fact it would probably be a great example of a 'mature lawn'...

good luck with your venture...
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