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When I first got into the business on my own 6 years ago I had a similar situation arise although I should've seen it coming based on where the people lived. I show up at the requested time and there was another person/contractor/not sure what there in his string tank top taking measurements with his worker/business partner (first bad sign of it not being worth my time). I sat around the corner for 30 minutes and finally talked with the guy. Then the walk around started like this "I need these wall bricks from (name any big box store)." Second bad sign. Even just starting out on my own I knew that was no good. The yard was a complete mess and needed a complete redo. I asked about a budget, then they said "Well what do you think?" Hearing that I shot some ridiculous number off the top of my head. I knew it was over then... But still showing up and some other guy is also just showing up??? I feel the annoyance....

Eventhough I'm still relatively new to this industry I even feel the same way with any of the work. I know hardscaping has more planning and executing than mulch, sod, trimming, etc... but it's still tough work and like was already said doing it for prices less than when I worked for a friend of mine 11 years ago! Really a shame....
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