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I think the main thing is it's just uncomfortable and awkward. I know as soon as I left that one estimate another truck pulled up. But at least it was after! I thought about parking my truck, which had signs on it and theirs did not, right next to the property and just wait staring at the property. Put the pressure on a little. Buuuutt I was soft and parked around the corner.....

But this year I had an estimate for sod installation (2500sq ft) and landscaping around a newly installed pool. The customer chose me and because I'm newer I asked why (just as a way to gauge my selling and pricing). Now yes she can lie all she wants but she did say that I was much more informative, listened better, talked about different ideas and ways of doing things, and we were all similar priced. Again she said that so take it as you may truth or not. I'm a talker and I like to sell I guess and now she wants me to do the landscaping in the front of the house. $2500 budget so nothing remotely fancy. So two contractors on site is just bad for me.
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